Thursday, July 9, 2015

TpT Conference Day 1 Take Aways

Hey everyone! I'm sitting here in my room, dog tired but my brain is buzzing (and it's not the mojito). I decided to pop open the laptop that's been sitting in the corner of my room all week and get some of the magic that I've experienced into this little ol' blog.

I attended the TpT conference last year as a new seller and I was so inspired, but I also felt very small and very lonely. I decided to go with some new blogging buddies this year, but I also wanted to make it my mission to make more connections and befriend some people who are probably feeling just like I did last year. This morning was my chance and I met the sweetest girl from Kansas and made her my new bestie! Her name is Stephanie High and her store is called Teaching on a Cloud. How cute is that?? She makes really great ELA resources for 2nd grade. Check out her store!

One of my other goals was to have the courage to go up to my hero, Amy Lemons, and actually speak words to her and take a picture with her. I was way too shy to do it last year and have been kicking myself since. She is a sweet woman with a heart of gold AND she makes some pretty great products that I use in my classroom all.the.time!

You may be asking what I have learned that might help you as a fellow TpT author or even as a teacher. The answer isn't so simple. Yes, I've learned some strategies to take my store to the next level by using social media to market my products. I've learned how important design concepts are in making great and appealing products. What I've really learned is so much deeper than what the presenters have shared.

Most importantly, I've learned that when you do what I just listed, the bonus is making friendships and connections.

So are these TpT lessons, or are they life lessons?

BTW, I got these glitterific clip art from Glitter Meets Glue (LOVE) just because I had the guts to put myself out there and go talk to her.


  1. Sooo cool that you met Amy Lemons. She's one of my favs too. I practically survived off her products (and yours) last year having never taught 2nd until last year.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay Suzy! So proud of you for gong up to Amy this year!! I can't wait to learn from you all this upcoming year. You have inspired me to go string with my blog and maybe even start TPT'ing :). Glad you are having fun!

  3. Sounds like you are having a blast in Vegas! I am so happy for you and so inspired by your ability to juggle teaching, mommyhood, and the blogging lifestyle so well. <3

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  5. Great post! I have wanted to go the last two years but was afraid to go alone!! You have motivated me to go next year!! (fellow NM teacher!)