Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It seems like I was just celebrating the last day of school and now we're heading back. I worked in my classroom for a couple hours today doing my favorite thing: bulletin boards! The rest of the room is a hot mess, but that's ok! Today is the beginning of an awesome, huge, amazing BTS Blog Hop and Giveaways.

We have 4 big prize packs for you to enter to win. The best part is that you can hop around to a bunch of other blogs and get some great back to school ideas. Special thanks goes to Heidi from Droppin' Knowledge for organizing all this awesomeness!

Before I get to the giveaways, I want want to give you 5 tips for making BTS15 the best ever!
1. This is so hard in the world we live in. We are constantly bombarded by social media pressures to be perfect. Don't compare yourself to other teachers in your building, district or anywhere! It is so easy to get sucked into what I call "Pinterest Perfectionism". The only person you should compare yourself is you! Challenge yourself to be a better you, that's all.

2. Don't try to hard to be somebody else. I'm not saying you can't have someone you look up to or who inspires you. Just put your own spin on it.
3. What I really mean is: be realistic. We all have this fantasy in our minds about the perfect first day of school. Don't try to take on too much. Spend more time getting to know your kids and letting them get to know you. Slow down and enjoy these little people.

4. You might be freaking out inside, but if you just smile like crazy, nobody will know. Chances are that you'll feel better too.

5. It's not a competition to see who has the cutest theme or bulletin boards. Don't forget why you're really here! Remember, it's their first day too and they are feeling a billion emotions and just want to know they are going to be accepted and taught with love this year.

Are you ready for some giveaways??? I know I am! BTW, I'm giving away my BTS Memory Book and First Week Activities in Prize Pack #3. Check out the full preview in my store.

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Now hop around to other blogs to get more great BTS ideas!


  1. Always be a unicorn! I love that quote.

  2. I will use these resources to get my students back on track after the summer slide.

  3. Best BTS tip... Get lots of sleep and take things in stride. Begining of the year is always hecktic and just nuts!

    1. I will use them in speech of course! Making my life so much easier!