Saturday, December 5, 2015

Currently December~Not So Fashionably Late

Yes, it is already December 5. I'm not even going to think about THAT countdown at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm in survival mode and barely hanging on. I had a week that made me want to hibernate for the rest of the month. It's Saturday morning and I woke up at 4:45 (not cool) but nevertheless, I gave myself an attitude adjustment, grabbed a big cup of coffee and jumped in with this post while everyone else is blissfully asleep in their warm beds. I'm linking up with FAB Farley:

Listening: Ok, I just can't resist some 90's George, Tim, & Garth once in a while. It is nostalgia to a simpler time in my life. I had friends in low places, I could still hear the thunder roll and I didn't know what I was going to do in my next thirty years. I was young, fearless, and trying to build my life.

Loving/Real or Faux: I love my pretty little fake tree. It is so easy to set up and twinkles and sparkles and shines. It is so easy, my teenaged daughters set it up and decorated all by themselves this year! I also really love that the hubs set it up on a timer to turn on at 5 AM (for a couple hours) so when I come downstairs in the morning, I have this beacon of warm twinkling light to guide me to the coffee pot!

Thinking: I am so excited to meet up with my bloggy buddies I haven't seen since this summer! I hope the restaurant is ready to hear our squeals and laughter all night!

Wanting: My hubs and I decided to buy Fitbits for each other for Christmas. Romantic, right? Well, they arrived and I really, really, really, really want to start using it already! The main reason is that I'm running around like a mad woman lately and I want proof of how many miles/steps I actually take in a day.

Needing: I did most of my shopping on black Friday from the comfort of my own home and the packages are starting to arrive! Unfortunately I have some tricky people to shop for: the in laws and my super picky, glitter-loving, stylish sister/teaching partner. I see her almost everyday and I can't figure out what to get her that is in my budget. Her birthday is on the 15th but she hates the combo gift thing. So I actually need to get her 2 presents. Her hints were a little (ok, a lot) above my budget and I want to get her something nice but I am just stuck. The in-laws are a whole different story. They have everything they need and don't have room in their place for more stuff. They're on the older side and don't get out much. Uggggg! The hubs is NO help. Plus he's turning 40 in two weeks and I don't know what to get him either. Maybe this is why I can't sleep.


  1. Man, that's a lot of December birthdays! Winter birthdays are really tricky. I had a roommate for a while who's birthday is Christmas Eve, and my husband's is January 14th. Still close enough to Christmas to be tricky. Maybe you could get a service for your in-laws, like grocery delivery or house cleaning? Happy holidays!

  2. Sleep. It's such a precious commodity that I have been short on this week as well. I'd like to say it was because I was planning presents but I'm not even that far ahead yet. :/ Good luck, though! When you hit on the RIGHT thing then it's awesome.

  3. Love the picture with your blogging buddies. Great blog! Love it!

  4. It was so much fun seeing you again last night! I am excited about all the plans our group of ladies made!

  5. Busy month for you! I think that's why you couldn't sleep! I could totally relate to your listening now part!!! Haha, days before profession and married life! :)
    Loved our meet up last night!!! See you soon!!!

  6. Dinner with friends sounds so FUN! Hope you had a great time!!
    Very Perry Classroom