Friday, January 1, 2016

January 2016 Currently, Mini Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe that 2016 is already here! I'm totally looking forward to the potential it has for me! I'm linking up with Farley for her awesome Currently, PLUS doing a mini blog hop with a couple of NM Bloggers to bring YOU some awesome prizes and freebies. Check them out below!

First, let's get down to business with Farley's Currently:

I was just listening to Landslide (covered by the Dixie Chicks) with my daughters and it had us all tearing up. It is such a timeless song that can mean so many different things depending on the stages of your life. I keep thinking about how they're growing up and how scary it is to think about them both being out of the house in a couple years. That will be a big change for me because I truly have built my life around them.

Needless to say I have really enjoyed my break and am not ready to give up wearing my PJs all day and having the time to create. How many days until Spring Break?

I barely slept last night, not because I was up partying, but because my mind was swirling with so many ideas and possibilities and risks that I'm about to take this year. It left me unsettled, yet excited. It also left room for those pesky doubts to creep in. My goal is to banish self doubt in 2016 and believe in myself and what I do and what I'm capable of.

I think I say this almost every month. I want more time to plan, create, and learn but also more time with my girls. Cliche alert: It really does go by so fast!

I need to calm my brain and the only way to do that is to figure out what I want to do, make a plan, write it down and get started. I'm a little impatient and sometimes I jump in the pool before I even check to see if there is any water in it. I need to be patient with myself and my progress.

One little word:
My little (but mighty) word this year is BE. We were actually talking about one word resolutions this morning and my family thinks I'm a weirdo for choosing the word BE. I like it because it is a word that can grow and change and morph into what I need it to be. I can BE amazing, or strong, or talented or kind. Or I can just BE in the moment. BE present.
Well, my friends, this Currently was a little more philosophical than usual, but I think the New Year does that to you. Now that I've dried my teary eyes, I can focus on some fun stuff!

My NMBlogger friends and I teamed up to give you a mini blog hop with prizes and freebies. There are only 2 other stops so you TOTALLY have time to hop around for a minute or two. First, enter our giveaway! Who doesn't want a $30 TpT gift card?? Scroll All.The.Way.Down to grab a cute little winter freebie from me too!

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Now hop on over to my buddy Laura from Tchr888 by clicking the button below! Read her post and grab a freebie while you're at it!

Grab this cutie patootie penguin freebie! It features word problems with up to four double digit addends. It also has space for students to show their strategy, explain in words and write an equation. My kiddos will be working on these when we get back from break.
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  1. I like your one word. I want to be present more often.

    Krazy Town

  2. I have also been enjoying my break. My little guys is almost 8months and being home with him has been great! And so has PJs every day!
    Have a great month and an awesome year!

  3. Wow... This is my first Currently Link Up to participate in, and I can already tell that I'm going to be looking forward to the first of each month! I loved reading your comments, and I can tell you from experience...when the first one leaves the nest, it's never the same! On a positive note, it does give you an opportunity to have some one on one time with your other child(ren). I LOVE your one word too! Like you said, It can BE anything you need it to BE! Best wishes to you in 2016!

    Mrs. Avery’s Island