Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fraction Love

I was recently asked to make some fraction task cards with QR codes for the 4th grade teachers at my school. I made two products so far. One is adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike numerators:
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The second product features multiplication of a fraction by a whole number:
Click here to get it.

One of my 4th grade colleagues has already tried them with her class. She is very new to using QR codes and was a little nervous at first. She loved the idea so much that she actually chose that lesson for our principal to observe! My principal mentioned it to me later and was impressed with that teacher's use of technology in her lesson. The kids really loved it too! They had a blast checking their answers by scanning the QR codes with iPods. 

If anyone wants me to make something like this with a specific skill for your grade level, I'd be happy to do it! I'm always looking for more ideas from other grade levels.


  1. I downloaded the QR scanner on my IPOD yesterday and was so excited to use it. If my kiddos are as excited as I, we are going to do everything QR! Haha!!! Thanks so much for making these. Can't wait to teach math today!