Friday, September 12, 2014

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday and it has been one heck of a week!

Ok,this actually happened LAST Friday night....but I'm one proud mama and I just couldn't resist! My oldest daughter's HS varsity soccer team won first place in our metro tournament. They are starting out the season undefeated and have a pretty decent shot of being state champions.

 My little darlings are working on place value and are learning strategies to solve addition problems. They just loved doing this place value spinner activity from Cara Taylor's Summer Slide Series~ Place Value. They couldn't get over how fun it was. There are so many easy prep activities in this pack that I've been using as math centers for the past 2 weeks. The kids love them and they cover a range of skills.
"This is so much fun!" said many of my 2nd graders.

 We're also adding to our Interactive Math Notebooks and are getting better with the fine motor skills along with the math concepts. We used the flip flap book from my Greater or Less Geckos Activity pack.

We're also working on even and odd numbers so I got out my Even and Odd Owls Activities pack. We started using our QR code task cards and the kids were pretty excited about being able to check their answers with the iPad.
 All I had was one iPad at the station and they took turns scanning the QR codes.
 One little smarty-pants had the idea to stack all the cards behind the iPad and just take the top one off when she was done and voila! the next one was already to go. These kids amaze me everyday!

I have a little sweetie in my class who is learning English and is just so eager to please! She gives me about a thousand hugs a day and has model behavior. Today she wrote me a note in her ELA block because they were practicing letter writing:
Translation for all you non primary teachers:
Dear Ms. Palmer,
Today you looked pretty.
I like your shirt.
I think that you are the best teacher ever. I really like you a lot.

I just love those sweet letters and it really made me smile. I went next door to show my sis (and my team teaching partner) and she said that she wrote her the same exact letter! 

Happy weekend everyone!

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