Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday & a Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I'm super duper tired this week even with the extra hour of sleep so I'm going to make this a quick one! I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for FFF! Read alllllll the way to find out how to win one of my products. It's easy peasy!

 Are you on Tsu yet? I just joined it and it has been pretty fun so far! I'm excited that this social media site lets ALL of your friends see your posts, not just a select few like you-know-who. If you'd like to join, you need to be invited, so here's your invitation!! Click here to sign up under my account! Then get going on friending everyone!

 I had my observation on Tuesday and even though I was super prepared, it didn't go as well as I had hoped. My AP thought I did great but I guess I just expected things to be smoother. It was one of my worst days of the year. Seriously. It got me thinking about how I beat myself up too much. It's one thing to demand excellence from yourself and a whole other thing to expect too much. Lesson learned: I'm a great teacher who can have an occasional bad day.

 I'm a winner! Woohoo! I just got an email this morning from sweet Christa from Learnin' Books (she has the cutest blog) about a contest I entered to win an Elf on a Shelf for my classroom. I wanted to do it last year but never got around to it and now I'm plotting and scheming. Any great ideas out there for me?

 On Tuesday, we held a grade level election. We gave students the opportunity to vote on our next field trip. They were so excited to be able to have a vote in something very important to them. It was adorable to see their smiling faces as they handed over their "voter registration card" and were given an "I voted" sticker after casting their ballots. It was priceless and I hope this moment will stay with them as they grow older and remember the importance of voting!
Last night was our Hollywood themed Family Math Night at school. We got a little carried away with the theme, but had a blast. We made a red carpet down the hall to the cafeteria and had a backdrop set up with "paparazzi"to take their pictures.

One of my students even wore a suit to our "premier"! Then we had popcorn, and of course, lots of math games and activities. We made a concessions sign for the popcorn area and had all the games on the "backlot".

Then we showed math movies in our computer lab screening room. It was topped off with a slideshow of all their red carpet pictures. It was so much fun! I used my Popcorn Time task cards with QR codes as one of the 2nd grade math games. I think it was the most popular station!!!

I even got my name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
It has been a crazy, busy week! Leave a comment for a chance to win my Popcorn Time telling time activities pack.


  1. It's been a crazy week for me too! So glad it's the weekend!

  2. Those popcorn time cards look adorable, my kids are just getting into QR codes. Congrats on winning, I am thinking of all types of things Christmas already too. My pintrest board is getting a Christmas workout.
    Early Years with Sheri

  3. I love that backdrop with tp roll spotlights, super cute! We need to figure out a time for us NM bloggers to meet!!!