Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dried Up Glue Stick Solution: So Simple!

I love using interactive notebooks BUT I hate the whole glue situation! Bottle glue is just not something the kids can use neatly. I don't even want it in my classroom! I usually confiscate it and use it for glue sponges later in the year (when we run out of glue sticks).

That means we're using glue sticks at the moment. Last year I got so aggravated when I'd find a perfectly good (or used to be) glue stick without a cap! Somehow that cap could not be found no matter how big of a hissy fit I'd have. 

Eventually I smartened up and started this little beauty with two items I already had in my room: zip top baggie and a magnet.

The first several times I threw away a glue stick that was used up, I simply kept the cap in the bag. Now I have a stash for those moments when those little darlings "lose" their caps. It sure has kept me from losing my mind! 

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