Monday, November 11, 2013

3 day weekend...I could get used to this!

It is amazing what a girl can accomplish on a three day weekend, especially when the kids had school today and I didn't (I work in a different district). They were quite upset when they found out. My high schooler even offered to clean the house if I'd let her stay home. Ha! Like I'd fall for that one!

I got caught up on all my grading AND all the saved episodes of The Walking Dead. I truly can't explain my fascination with that show, but I should never watch it at night. I also got all the laundry done and even had time to catch up with an old friend over decadent desserts and coffee this afternoon. Best of all I had time to touch up a couple of activities I made for my class to get them ready to sell on TPT. I now have a whopping 3 products in my store! Both are math activities with QR codes, which my students love.
click here to get it

The first is an activity to reinforce looking for tens when adding mentally. Students can write their answers on the recording sheet and then check for accuracy with the QR codes.

click here to get it
The second will help students practicing subtracting with regrouping. Either product can be used as a math center or posted around the room to get students up and moving. I'll be using the first one this week as a review of addition and I plan to use the second one in the next couple of weeks to help my advanced students practice regrouping.

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