Sunday, November 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never?

I just uploaded my first product to TPT! I created my Seller Account a few months ago, but I'll be honest, I was a little intimidated. Where do you start? Some of the products on there are amazing!

I had made a few math activities to use with my class that have QR codes, but I just haven't had time to upload them on TPT. My hubby is visiting family and I had some "free time" this weekend, so I decided to stop being a chicken and jump in. The first item I uploaded is a Halloween freebie, and I know it is a little late, but it's free, so save it for next year, right?

click here to get your freebie
click here to get your freebie
My students just LOVE using QR codes to check their work. As soon as they see they are doing a QR code activity, they get right to work! They simply record their answers and when they are finished, they bring their work to me so I can give them an  iPod to check their answers. I usually use an activity like this as a center. My students know they have to complete their work in the other centers so they can make it to the QR center. It sure beats a worksheet! It is so cute to see them scanning those QR codes and then saying "YES! I got it right!". Immediate feedback is so important, right?

I got the web frames from Graphics From the Pond and the spiders are from Reading Girl XOXO. I plan to create and upload more products like this soon, so check back on my store to see what else I'm up to!

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