Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Currently {Guess My Question and WIN!}

I've been so flippin' busy lately that I haven't blogged much. I decided to take a break from grading/report cards/laundry/thinking about dinner to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th grade for the March Currently. I have to say that I just love her new blog design and feeling a little jealous...

It's already 5:30 so I better get my tushie in gear. Here goes:
My honey has been wanting to watch this movie forever! I can't explain why (I do love Tom Hanks), but it just doesn't sound that interesting. Knowing that I'd be slaving away over report cards, he decided that today would be the perfect day to grab it at the Redbox. He's cuddled up with my 13 year old while my 16 year old is "doing her homework" (aka playing with the dog and tweeting/snapchatting/whatever she does on her phone). 

The regular season of soccer started up today. Of course we've had lovely weather in the 60's all week but today it rained (only during the game of course). Yes, here in the desert, we actually got rain. To top it off, it was also windy. Seriously, tumbleweeds were dancing across the field. It was seriously yucky. Luckily, I was armed (like all good soccer moms) with a plethora of blankets, gloves, scarves, and a giant umbrella. I know we've been lucky to have escaped all the really crazy weather, so I shouldn't complain, especially since BOTH girls won their games. All is well in the Palmer household. 

I guess the next three all go together. The little darlings don't have school on Thursday and Friday so we can hold parent teacher conferences. I have 24 kids plus 2 that come for inclusion (science, social studies, specials, lunch, etc.) so I have to attend 26 conferences. I've done the math: 26x30 minutes each=13 hours of talking. I never talk that much. To top it all off, I've had most parents request Thursday and being the accommodating teacher that I am, there will be 18 conferences on Thursday. Yes, the fun will start at 7:30 and won't end until 6:30. The upside? I will be done by noon on Friday!!!!!! 

Can you guess my question for the answer "6"? If you can (or even get close) I will give you one item from my TPT store. By the way, there are 2 possible questions that will fit and if you paid attention to what I said, you might have a better chance. 

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Conference days always sound so good in theory, but for me they always get so off track! Parents coming late, too much talking, I always get so far behind :/ I'm hoping to find a better system soon :)

    Owl Be in Kindergarten
    Is 6 the number of blankets that you were under during the game? ;)

    Owl Be in Kindergarten

  2. I can definitely relate to parent teacher conferences! Ours start tomorrow, but we do them over the course of 6 days (the kids get out at 1:30 those 6 days). I barely got report cards done in the nick of time on Friday! I like how you get two days to get through them. You must be a proud mama! How awesome that both your girls won their games!

    Fifth Grade Wit and