Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Patty's Day Math Task Cards {SALE}

I'm not sure why I like St. Patrick's Day so much. Maybe because I just love this time of year, with the temps warming up and the daffodils popping up (my fave flower!). It's also my birthday month!!! I've been wanting to make a new St. Patty's Day product for my math block to help keep my kids fresh on some previously taught skills. I decided to make two smaller task card sets and bundle them together.
 My kids go crazy over QR codes so, even though it took a little longer to finish, I included them on these task cards. I normally set up an iPad as a checking station but sometimes I'll let the kids grab an iPad and scan the cards.
Sorry for the blurry pic, but you can see a student scanning a QR code on a task card to check his answers. They are very excited when they get the answer correct! 

Our math units since Winter break have been measurement, time, money and word problems. I've been sneaking in practice of addition and subtraction during math stations, but they need continued practice. I also have a little problem of kiddos not checking the signs on their problems so I mixed it up and put both addition and subtraction on one set of task cards. 
I also want them to keep practicing those coin counting skills.
Each task card set comes with a student recording sheet and answer key. 

Get on over to my TPT store to grab a set while they're still 50% off!!!! Don't forget your green on Monday!

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