Friday, August 15, 2014

Five for Friday: Back to School

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for FFF. What a week! 

On Monday, we learned about our new math program. My school district adopted Common Core two years ago and finally found a math program for us to use. It's called Stepping Stones and I'm curious if anyone out there uses it and what you think about it. Everything is digital, which I like because it means less clutter in my classroom. It seems user friendly so far. I will start my first official lessons on Monday and I think it will fit into my guided math block framework.

I also had time to work in my room on Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday. I had a billion things to do! One major task was to organize my library. I found these bins at Dollar Tree! Of course I grabbed 16 of them!
I whipped up some labels too! I decided to make them printer friendly in black and white. This is how my nonfiction section looks so far. 

Wednesday was the first day back for students. Thank goodness it was only a half day. I have a very chatty bunch this year. It wasn't the girls either! Here's a picture of my classroom before the crazy started.

This mama got a little emotional when my  youngest daughter started her first day of her first year of high school and my oldest started her first day of her last year of high school. I decided to recreate a first day picture from way back: 

I made it to Friday! Whew! This is my reward and I have a feeling I'm gonna need it today! Yes, that is a Venti with an extra shot....
Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. LOVE Dollar Tree for book bins. Your classroom looks great!
    Anddddd now I'm craving Starbucks. lol.

    Adventures in Multi-grade

    1. LOL! the Starbucks was just what I needed to sail through my Friday!

  2. I love your book bins! Great colours. I don't have kids myself, but I bet it would be emotional to see them growing up and heading into their last year of school. The photo recreate is so cute!

    1. Thanks! Those book bins totally transformed my classroom library. It was a hot mess!

  3. Your classroom is coming along great! I love the colors. And yes...Starbucks is necessary...!

    Sliding Into Second Grade

  4. I love those dollar tree bins! Your library looks great. I also love how you recreated that photo of your girls!

    Surprisingly Seventh

  5. I love the new arrangement of the room! It looks way bigger now.