Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekend Reflections

I'm linking up with Cyndie at Chalk One Up for the Teacher for her new Weekend Reflections linky.

I think this is perfect timing because I was so busy this week with teacher prep, professional development and "Meet the Teacher" that I didn't even have a chance to think, let alone blog!

I always forget how tiring back to school is! I love seeing my colleagues and catching up with them, but I do get tired of sitting in PD or meetings all day. Especially, because all I can think about is setting up my classroom or prepping for the first days of school. I completely forgot to take pictures of my classroom this week, but I took one picture of a bulletin board I made:
I get to team teach with my sis! How cool is that??? I am doing math so I made a big BB that is right behind my small group table. I had just spent 2 hours and an undisclosed amount of money at our local teacher store, aptly named Teacher Heaven, and couldn't wait to get going on my bulletin boards. The rest of my room was a disaster, but my boards were done!

Since my brain was fried at the end of each day, I practiced some archery in the evenings with my daughter, Katniss Jr. She really wanted a bow and arrows for Christmas so we got her a starter set. All the arrows either broke or were shot into who-know-where so we got her a few more this week. I have to admit that it was quite calming to my frazzled nerves.

My sweet hubby cut some flowers from our yard and arranged them in a vase for me. I was so shocked that they were from our own yard! I truly thought he bought a bouquet from the flower shop!

Next week, we get to finally see our new math program and I'll have real time (not before and after my duty day) to work in my room. The little darlings will show up on Wednesday for a half day (thank goodness!) and I need to be ready. Let's see  if I remember to take pictures! Happy Weekend everyone!

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