Friday, December 26, 2014

Goals for 2015 Linky

I'm linking up with Mrs. D's Corner for a fun 2015 Goals linky. I haven't had a minute to really think about it until now and I love this graphic for getting you thinking.
Personal: I've been putting pigs to shame with my unhealthy eating lately. It really doesn't help that my sister-in-law baked FOUR kinds of deliciously sinful cookies this week. I haven't really been working out either but enough with the excuses...I've gotta start or I won't be able to play 5 minutes of soccer.
Professional: I really want to use my 14 iPad minis in new ways and I have an entire Pinterest board of idea, I just need to start with one new app or lesson a week. If you have any great apps for 2nd graders, comment below.
Planning: I have been fairly good at keeping up with my planning/prepping for school and not having to bring work home. I would like to keep the momentum up through the rest of the school year.
Organization: I have a TpT binder that I've started in this crazy journey of being a seller. It just isn't that organized and I really want to make my record keeping more efficient.
Students: I already do some differentiating  but I need to step it up a bit, especially for my high achievers.
Motto: I sent this picture to my daughter when she was having a rough time this fall.

I love it so much that I've made it my lock screen on my iPhone. Rise above the drama. Rise above the crowd. Rise about the things that bring me down. It can mean so many things.


  1. I would love to be able to get all my planning and paper grading done at school! Maybe I should have made that one of my goals. :) And what a great motto!

  2. I have had 7 iPads for a while and JUST GOT A CART OF 25 ... two weeks before the break? So we've only barely used them for Hour of Code. Will take a while to get them organized. I cannot stand a messy iPad desktop. Fave app for 2nd graders ... well, they loved Kodable during Hour of Code. Then we also love Sock Puppets and Puppet Pals (paid versions if you can get them, freebie if not ... the paid opens up a lot more options) cause they are pretty easy to navigate and can be used for the kids to explain so much learning. If you have access to PebbleGo (GREAT elementary database) it's now iPad friendly. Not an app but one of the things they do most on the iPad.

    1. Oh! I almost forgot! Aurasma! These are 2nd graders ...
      And Haiku Deck. Best slide creator on the iPad (and this is coming from a total Google girl). I think, anyway. We could have done the flip books with Haiku Deck if we'd had enough at the time. Going forward we will.