Friday, January 23, 2015

Five for Friday, a LOOONG weekend, a giveaway, and a sale

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for FFF.

I am so excited about my new blog's so PRETTY! I am in love with it and I couldn't thank Kristen from Chalk and Apples enough for being so patient with me and my crazy ideas (and color schemes). She is just awesome and is really affordable for teachers like me! I'm doing a giveaway, so head over to my post from Tuesday and enter.

I had a FANTASTIC time in Las Vegas last weekend! Of course, it wasn't all partying and shopping because I was there for my daughter's soccer tournament. The highlight (besides how well the team played) had to be going to the Eric Church concert on Friday night. He rocked that place and left my heart thumping!!!

I have to admit that I've been pretty bad about keeping track of the days of school this year. What kind of 2nd grade teacher am I? I feel like it's coming up soon so I'm prepping my 100th Day Activities pack, which I've marked down from $5 to $3! It is F-U-L-L of activities that your kiddos will love. In fact, there are more activities in there than you can cram into one day! Check it out and grab it while it's still on sale!

It's a Penguin Palooza around here! Yesterday, I linked up with Comprehension Connections for Thematic Thursday, which was all about Penguins. If you're studying penguins, you have to check this out this post.

Snow!?! Here in New Mexico, we actually got some snow!!! This isn't much by east coast standards, but we got pretty riled up about it. It also doesn't help that NOBODY really knows how to drive in the least I made it to school safely! By the time I got home, it was virtually gone. That's why New Mexicans take pictures of snow.


  1. The snow is beautiful! We haven't had snow yet here in WA - I hope we get at least one day of it this winter!
    You new blog design is fantastic! I love the color scheme and your logo!
    The 100th day seems to be happening for a ton of teachers right now, and then there are those of us who started in September who don't have it until mid February almost! Mine falls like on the 18th I think! It is always fun though - the kids love it! Happy weekend!

  2. Happy Friday! I found your blog from the Doodle Bugs linky party! You have a great blog! I'm pretty jealous of all of that snow! I would love a snow day. ;)

  3. I love the new design. Grey and turquoise always look great together. :)
    I got over a foot at my house. BUT being in the Emtns, that's not a huge surprise- we got off school for it though. We've had 3 snow days now. Hopefully, we won't go over the amount we are allotted....I don't want extra days in summer!!!! Have a great weekend.