Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Favorite Things Linky: Brain Breaks

Hey everyone, I'm linking up with The Teaching Trio for a fun monthly linky party called Favorite Things!

I am a GoNoodle-aholic and so are my students! I swear this isn't a paid endorsement; I really do love GoNoodle. I bribe reinforce positive behavior with GoNoodle brain breaks all the time. I have to admit that some of them are quite annoying, but there are several that I personally love and make the children watch because I like them so much. Often I let students who are being extra awesome have a chance to choose, but when it's "my turn" to choose, they all know what I'm going to pick. They also know that if they make fun of my dancing, they are in big trouble.

First off, I can't quite explain what it is about those two guys that make up Koo Koo Kango Roo. Is it the mustache? The glasses? The choreography? Not sure, but I love them. My all time favorite brain break they do is "I Get Loose" for two reasons:
1. I know all the words
2. I can do all their moves

Now, we can't always be getting loose in the classroom. Sometimes we need to focus and rock the math test I'm about to give. This is when I go for Brainercize with Mr. Catman. At first, the cat mask was a little creepy, but I quickly got hooked on all the cat puns and more importantly, how it seemed to make the kids able to concentrate better. There is no scientific research that backs that, but I don't care. I also like the variety of options, but Swirly Fingers is the one that gets me because I just can't do it!

Finally, when we are a little too wound up, I like to Chillax (in the dark) with Koo Koo Kanga Roo. It usually works...until the end when the feet come out.

Now, for all you east coasters freezing your tushies off and having the dreaded indoor recess, GoNoodle has a few Indoor Recess Mega Mixes! All you gotta do is select the one with the appropriate length and hit play. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy (or rest your head on your desk and eat chocolate). You're welcome.


  1. Definitely have to check out GoNoodle; thanks!

  2. I am loving GoNoodle also! So fun!
    Casey @ CasedillaCrumbs