Friday, March 13, 2015

Five For Friday: Kids are funny

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs (after a few weeks off) for FFF. This week has been, ummm, interesting.

Sunday was my first soccer game since mid summer, when I broke my pinkie toe. I haven't really worked out, but have kicked the ball around a little. Sadly, we didn't have ANY subs and we played one of the best teams in our division. It was a tough game, but we had fun anyway. It's all about the adult beverages after the game after all. Monday morning I woke up and was SO SORE all over. Even my feet hurt! To top it all off, my spring allergies decided to kick in. Sore muscles + sneezing attacks = BAD NEWS.

Tuesday I was even more sore and lucky for me, I had a field trip planned for that day to the nearby Petroglyphs (ancient stone carvings) which are located all up and down a fairly big and rocky hill with a not so amazing trail. The kids really enjoyed scrambling up and down the paths and trying to determine what the pictures on the rocks were portraying. I was desperately trying not to tumble down the hill while keeping an eye on those little darlings that have the frightening combination of no fear and boundless energy. They also kept asking me why I was so slow.

So, I guess I have a challenging class. It isn't my worst, but I'd have to agree that they aren't the easiest. The other day one of my colleagues came up to me and told me that she prays double for me. I asked her why and she said it's because of my class. Ummm wow! I wasn't sure how to take that. I love them to death and they have all grown on me in all their quirkiness and difficulty. Here's a conversation between two of my students that I overheard that pretty much sums it up.
Kid 1: I don't like Mrs. Palmer.
Kid 2: Why? She's nice.
Kid 3: Because she makes us go back and fix all our mistakes. It takes forever!
Kid 4: Dude, that's what makes you learn.

Kids say the darnedest things, right? Well, they also write the darnedest things! My team teaching partner does the writing part of the day and she just had to come over and show me what they've been working on. Here's what one of my kiddos wrote for this prompt: Would you rather be the kindest, richest, most attractive, funniest, or smartest person?
You really can't act attractive.

We've been working on counting coins for a couple weeks now and one thing the kids love to do when we have a few extra minutes is to write coin riddles for each other. They love trying to stump each other and I am just blown away by how challenging they are getting. Talk about rigor!! They write them on the chalkboard app on our iPads and then take turns jumping on AppleTV to display their riddle on the interactive white board. They literally beg me to do this! Some days I feel like a genius. LOL

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  1. What a field trip! I would have been so nervous the entire time that either I was going to fall or one of the kids were going to fall. Yall have some brave kiddos (and teachers)!