Sunday, June 7, 2015

5 Reasons I LOVE summer...

This morning I was writing in my journal and I decided to flip back several pages to read some entries I had written earlier this year. I try to be positive, but REAL in my journal but I was dismayed to find that most of the entries had the theme of "just get through to the weekend" or "all the things I need to get done". I could feel the stress building just reading those entries so I went back to today's entry and noticed how calm and happy it sounded. It must be summer!

Of course all teachers love summer! I really, really, really, really love summer and not for the reason you think...

Reason #1: popsicles and flip flops any time of day or night. I buy several cheapo flip flops at Old Navy in fun colors every summer. For popsicles, I love these, especially the lime flavor, which tastes like a margarita:
Reason #2: time to be creative. I get to work on crafts and furniture refinishing projects this summer! I recently refinished a dresser from my great grandmother using chalk paint and it came out great so I'm going to give a few of my existing pieces an update! Check out my Furniture Redo Pinterest Board:

I also have time to work on new products for my TpT store, classroom and my friends. 

Reason #3: reading!!! I spend all spring cultivating my summer reading list and then I pop on my library's website and start requesting books. Here are some of my must reads this summer:

Reason #4: cooking! I love to cook, especially when I don't NEED to cook, like when 3 people are asking me what's for dinner and I'm not even home yet and I'm tired and still have to stop and get gas and I have no idea what's even in the house to know those times. I recently learned how to make homemade pasta from my sweet grandma and now I want to conquer more culinary feats! One of my favorite movies is Julie & Julia, which is so inspiring to me! Now that I've learned to make pasta (ravioli, fettuccini, spaghetti) I want to make this Rigatoni with Spicy Calabrese-Style Pork Ragu my sister found on Bon Appetit except that I'm going to make homemade ribbon noodles instead of rigatoni:
click the pic for recipe
Reason #5: Chillin...I always feel like I have the need to do something, to be productive, or busy. This summer, I'm going to chill on my hammock and take a nap or read or sit on my back porch with a popsicle or slice of watermelon. I'm going to visit my grandmas and just hang out. I'm going to spend some time with my girls and my hubs. I'm going to schedule some chill time. This little beauty is going on my screensaver:

I have about a thousand more reasons I love summer but I figured that would be kinda like bragging. What do you love about summer?? Reply and I'll send you my newest product! 


  1. Loved reading your post this morning! ( while I was sitting on my deck, drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet while the teenage boy still slept). I still have 3 weeks before our summer begins. But I am dreaming of lots of days (mid week), not just weekends to do exactly what I am currently doing.
    Enjoy your summer!

    1. Please reply with your email address so I can send you one of my new products!

  2. The first weekend after school ended- I sat on my couch and didn't move. The WHOLE weekend. So, I hear you on the just relax and enjoy thoughts! I think we all need it this year.