Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently

I'm SO stinkin happy it's June! I love the feeling of having the whole summer ahead of me to do as I please. I'm linking up with fab Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently. First off, I am a dog lover and would be devastated if my Scruffy was ever lost or washed away like so many animals in Wimberley, TX.

If you'd also like to help out with a donation to WAG, go to Farley's page to donate! Now, here's my June Currently:

Listening: Since my high school graduate (proud mama, sorry!) of a daughter has recently taken over my home office with her job applications, graduation cards, and miscellaneous debris, I have relocated my "office" to my back porch. I live on a golf course right by a pond and I have the most peaceful view. The mornings are cool and fresh so I have been working from here. I have a chorus of bird sounds from sweet hummingbirds, sparrows and robins, to quacky ducks and cooing doves, to these noisy crows and some other unidentified birds. I guess it's my summer soundtrack! At night we hear the bullfrogs too. I feel so blessed that this is my refuge. 

Lovin': Two words: summer break! Enough said!

Thinking: I never truly relax, but I'm ok with that. I have a busy brain so I need to be constantly doing, creating, fixing, and learning. I have lists of lists but I'm making sure to work in some fun and down time. I think it will be good for me!

Wanting: This summer in particular is one I don't want to end. My baby girl is going off to college in August and I'm just trying to soak up as much of her as I can before she leaves. My youngest is also at a funky stage in her life as a 15 year old. She is trying to figure out who she is and is going to need a momma to lean on in the coming years. She's still a sweetie who loves to cuddle on the couch with me, so I'm gonna go ahead and soak that up too. 

Needing: I think I might say this every month. For real this time, though! I'm at the age where I can't eat whatever I want and expect to maintain my weight. I would love to lose a few pounds but more importantly, work on my cardio. I play in a rec soccer league and I would love to be able to run more easily and get less tired. 

Summer Lovin': There are about a billion reasons to love summer. At the moment, I'm reveling in the fact that I can stay in my PJs as long as I want, consume a meal in more than 15 minutes, and have the time to do what I want/need. I forgot that I do love to use the restroom whenever I feel like and drink as much water as I want! (#teacherproblems)

Click the button below to see what everyone else is up to or to donate to WAG. Happy June! 


  1. I am right there with you on staying in PJs as long as I want and having more than 15 minutes to eat! Congratulations to your daughter! I hope you enjoy your summer with both of your daughters!

    Shine on in First Grade

  2. Oh me too! My son is graduating and I am just NOT ready!!! I hope this summer goes by slowly for that same reason!

    Hodges Herald

  3. I am SO jealous of your new office! I might just come join you and I promise not to interrupt the chorus of birds! I am your newest follower and am on my way to explore your blog more!

    Crofts' Classroom

  4. I love the sound of your new 'office' it sounds perfect and so relaxing!!!

  5. thank you so very much for your donation… you are AWESOME!!!

    I am a little jealous you are already on break!!! I have 2 and a half more days… I can do it!!!

  6. The view off your porch sounds amazing! I would love to have an "office" like that!
    Enjoy your summer!

    Smocus Smocus

  7. Jealous & excited that it's summer for you!
    I agree... it's sooo hard to turn my brain off and not think about all of the things on my to-do list.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    Sprinkles for the Teacher