Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday

What a crazy, windy, sneezy, fun week! This week's Five for Friday linkup with Doodlebugs is truly random.

First, we started the week with a new math unit: Geometry. My fab student teacher went all out with her lesson. She found this idea and some other great Geometry products at The Clutter-free Classroom.
Monday was my birthday and when I fired up Google Chrome, I saw this:
I thought, "Oh how cute all those desserts are!" so I hovered over it to see what it was all about and it said, "Happy Birthday Suzy". I just about fainted! I swear I didn't know it would do that on my birthday. It was so cool, I had to call over all my colleagues and show them.

Over the next 5 years our school will get a complete makeover! I get to be on the building committee and we took a field trip to see a couple of schools that are about our size and have newer, two story buildings. I fell in love with one of the schools. Let me tell you, these classrooms had so much storage!!!! They each had a huge closet and these adorable cubby/coat/backpack hooks built in! My classroom has no storage and I hate all the backpacks, coats, and lunches along the wall because they never stay on the dinky little hooks.

Now I just have to wait 5 years to get a new classroom. *big sigh*
Our school carnival, The Husky Howl, is today so we had to come up with a booth as a grade level. We're doing an Estimation Jar booth this year and so we asked parents to save jars and send them in so we could fill them. The kids get 4 guesses per ticket and we can only give them hints such as "higher" or "lower". The kids L-O-V-E this booth because if they guess correctly they get a big ol' jar of stuff! I didn't take a picture of the complete mess as we were elbow deep in jars, candy, toys, gum, and other stuff, but I did snap a picture of the table with some of the jars on display. Thank you to my lovely 2nd grade team!!! Love ya'

Spring in New Mexico means wind, wind, and more wind. Wind means allergies. Allergies mean lots of tissues. Lots of tissues means a red nose. I am not even exaggerating when I say that I am personally responsible for using 3 entire boxes of tissues this week. NONE of the allergy or decongestants really work for long so I'm either kinda fuzzy-brained or always on the verge of a sneeze. I'm quite afraid that I have THAT face. You know the one? The one that is about to sneeze. Yep, any second now. Almost it's gone. That's my face. All.Day.Long.

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