Monday, April 14, 2014

Flip Flap Book Report Project--50% off

After some internet struggles this morning, I was finally able to upload my newest product:
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I assigned this project to my students and they were so excited to make all those flip flap books. They were also excited to make their own lapbook about their book. In order to make all the flip flap books fit, I added a page to the inside of the file folder. If you cut off the shorter side of a file folder (I used some old folders that had writing on the tab) and glue the "bendy" part to the inside, you can make extra pages. The "bendy" part is the part that is usually at the bottom of the file that allows it to expand. It makes a PERFECT page inside the file folder. 

If you don't have enough file folders, you can also give the students poster board or staple sheets of construction paper together to make a book, which is what I usually do for our lapbooks. This product contains everything you'll need, except of course, a book! My students were really enthusiastic about this project because they got to choose any chapter book, as long as it was a fiction book. Here's what you'll find in this product:

Oh, did I mention that it is 50% off right now???? Run over to my TPT store and grab it up!

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