Thursday, June 26, 2014

A splash of color: Shades of Red

I'm linking up with the amazing Melissa at A Teaspoon of Teaching today for her Splash of Color Linky.
 Today is Thursday, so that means shades of red! I was tempted to go with pink, but I decided to challenge myself to find things I love in red.
When I think of red, I think of my grandmother. She may be the only person I know whose favorite color is red. I love red accents, but I don't know of any red clothing in my closet besides soccer jerseys. I thought this would be the hardest color of the week, but it was surprisingly easy. My absolute favorite red item is Red Velvet Cake. I don't bake, but this recipe looked awesome with a white chocolate frosting!
 I'm a casual and jeans pretty much everyday kinda girl, but I'd totally wear this outfit, especially the comfy shoes and sweater.
 Ooops! More comfy shoes. You will never catch me in high heels at work. I love these!
 These gold and red studs I found on Etsy are simple and would look great with turquoise.
 This backyard would not be so easy to pull off in our desert climate, but I definitely could see this patio furniture working in my yard.
 Finally, a darling red, black, and gray combo for the classroom by Schoolgirl Style called Modern Apple. It is adorable!

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