Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two for Tuesday: Math and Lit and a BOGO.

I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday. Today is the day we offer two products for 50% off. Get your carts ready, set, go!
Last week I asked my readers to tell me what to put on sale. Here's what they wanted:
Only $1.75!!!
Only $3!!!
The first set is a bunch of flip flap books for students to respond to fiction texts. For some reason, my kids are much more motivated to complete one of these flip flap books than a traditional graphic organizer. I often copy several sets of each to keep handy as an impromptu assessment, sub activity or exit slip.I also use them in my guided reading groups. Click here for the Literary Elements Flip Flap Books.

The second set is a bundle of 4 sets of multiplication task cards. I don't teach multiplication in 2nd grade, but my 3rd and 4th grade friends love these. They can be used multiple times throughout the year or for differentiated instruction. They include QR codes (which you don't have to use) so kids can get instant feedback about their answers. I normally sell each set for $2, so not only do you save $$$ by buying the bundle, you'll save even more by getting it for half price today! It's like buying one set and getting two and a half for free! Click here for the Multiplication Madness Bundle.

Are you ready for your BOGO? Thanks for sticking with me so far. Here's how it works:
Step 1: Purchase either of these items from my store by 6/18/14 at midnight.
Step 2: Leave a comment on this post with your email address and which item you bought.
Step 3: I'll email you one math task card set (your choice) from my store for FREE!

Yup, it is that easy! Happy shopping!

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  1. I purchased your Literary Flap Books! Love and so excited to use in my classroom. vshultz09@gmail.com