Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday: best week ever!

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Monday was Cinco de Mayo so we had a Mexican themed potluck at school. Some angel made these teeny tiny margarita flavored cupcakes. They were so good! I've been talking about them all week. I won't say exactly how many I ate.

Last week my Promethean board died. The grim reaper came and told me that the projector was dead and they are only $800 to replace. Nice. My school has no money to fix it. I felt like I was teaching with a limb missing. The kids and I rely on it so much! My fab tech called a few people and pulled a few strings and I got a "loaner" replacement. The sweetest sight was seeing my board light up again. The kids cheered and insisted on playing the Happy song.

My principal and the tech were talking in hushed tones and then called me over while I was eating my lunch. They told me I would be getting a new desktop computer, but I was the only one. We just got our technology order in and we're putting new computers in one of our labs loaded with Windows 8! They want me to have one so I can help the teachers if they freak out in the lab. I am getting it on Tuesday so I need to make a space on my desk and get everything off my old computer. Yikes! 

Wednesday, my kids were a little antsy so I decided to turn on some music and let them dance. I recorded their awesome moves for our end of year movie. Some really came out of their shells! I'm trying out iMovie and have found that it's really easy!

Thursday, we met our pen pals in person! They attend a school across town.  We walked to a nearby park and they met us there. It was so cute to watch my kids hand over their last pen pal letter to a friend they've been writing to all year. We played games, ate lunch and played all morning. It was a little sad to see them get on the bus, knowing they may not keep in touch or see each other again.
Have a great weekend everyone! We have 9 days left (after today) and I have tons to do!  

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  1. Awesome blog post and I hear you when technology lets us down
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths