Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Top Ten

I'm linking up with Deanna Jump!

#10 I'm really looking forward to reading (for fun) again.  I always go to bookstores and take pics of some interesting looking novels to make my summer reading list. Then, I get on my library's site and put hold requests on a few at a time. I read tons of books over the summer so this is the only way I can afford it. These are the first three on my list. 

#9 I'm the director of an awesome week-long camp at my school called Camp Invention. Last summer was my first year running it and I had a blast. Now that I know what I'm doing, I hope to have even more fun with it. Check it out:

#8 My district is hosting a week-long summer tech camp and I'm super excited to have been chosen to attend! I also got a Dell tablet thingy to play with for the summer. My principal wants us to compare it with iPads so she knows what to order for next year. 

#7 I need to get my oldest ready for ACT and the start of her senior year! Yikes! How in the world can I have two kids in high school this year? My amazing student teacher is also a photographer so I want to hook up with her to take my daughter's senior pictures. She also needs to get serious about choosing a school and seeing if she can get some soccer scholarships.

#6 I'm really looking forward to our summer trip to the Cali coast. We go to LA to visit family almost every summer but this year we're adding a few cities to our trip.  I can't wait to see San Francisco, Muir Woods, Alcatraz, Monterrey and drive along Pacific Coast Highway. We're taking a road trip and I just love being able to stop anywhere and check things out. We have no schedule!

#5 I want to reach some TPT goals this summer so I will be spending a good chunk of my time making products. I decided that it would be very easy for me to get lost in my home office for an entire day. I'm going to set limits and have "office hours" in the mornings when my lazy teens are still sleeping. 

#4 I really really need to exercise more. I play rec soccer but our team is moving up a bracket and I should probably work on being in better shape. Sadly, my husband's company isn't paying for our swanky gym membership anymore. Maybe my super fit daughter can motivate me a little.

#3 I want to make time to be a little lazy. I usually run around so much and don't know how to just be still. I think I need to make time to just relax in my hammock so I can recharge my batteries. 

#2 I'm so excited to be going to Las Vegas for a double whammy teacher conference.  My PTO is paying for my admission to the SDE Differentiated Instruction conference and I'm also going to attend the TpT conference. I have always wanted to attend a big conference and now I get to do two! Plus, I get to see my brother and his family. 

#1 Spending as much time with my family is a huge thing I want to do. I'm going to be very busy this summer (see #2-9) and I want to make sure I am spending quality time with them. I don't see my parents and grandmothers enough and I'll only have my daughter at home one more year. 

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