Friday, February 13, 2015

Five for Friday: $1 Deal, Polar Bears and Multiplication--Oh my!

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It's been rough in the Palmer household lately. My hubs is searching for a job that may or may not take us out of state, I have two hormonal teenage girls, a messy house, and I'm on a diet so I'm HANGRY all the time. This week I saw this on one of my friend's FB pages and it just put everything in perspective for me.

We're working on multiplication in math and the kids L-O-V-E it. They are so excited about it and it makes teaching really fun. We've been adding to our interactive math notebooks and I even made a Kahoot quiz called Multiplication Basics, that covers some of the concepts I want the kids to know.

At recess duty on Monday I noticed one of my sweet girls jumping around on the faded hopscotch paths. I asked her if she knew how to play and she shook her head. I started teaching her and soon had several others join in (boys too!). I was blown away that none of them had ever learned to play hopscotch. After my stroll down memory lane, I thought of several "old school" games I used to play like jump rope and jacks. Next time I'm at the $1 store, I'll see if I can find any of these oldies but goodies.

We're learning about polar bears in science class and doing an awesome Polar Bear QR Code Webquest by Emily Gibbons. I love the structured/guided research they do and how easy it is to set up. We're writing a shared PowerPoint presentation so I can teach them PowerPoint basics.

I squeezed in a little time last weekend to make a new Spring Addition and Subtraction task card set. My students continue to need this mixed practice during math stations and I was in the spring mood, so I whipped up these little beauties! Because the weather has been so stinkin' beautiful, I'm putting these task cards on sale for 50% off. That's just $1!!!


  1. Suzy I miss old school recess! Bubbles, hopscotch, jump rope, red light green light, and tag were some of my favorites. I need to get some chalk for my little one for a little outdoor kid fun!

  2. I really need to get some iPods or iPads so that I can use QR code activities in my classroom. They seem like such fun activities for the kids!

  3. Boy Suzy, I can relate to your number one! It got a little better when both girls headed off to college... absence does make their hearts grow fonder! It was just time for space. So your quote is true! And even if it's not, we gotta think it is :) Hang in. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom