Friday, February 20, 2015

Five For Friday: Short Week, Time Warp, $1 Deal

Hey everyone! I'm linking up with DoodleBugs for FFF. It has been an interesting week, to say the least!

 Sunday, I went to my grandmother's house to help clean it out. She recently moved in with my parents so we are slowly going through her things and deciding what to keep or toss. It brings me back to my childhood when we uncover treasures such as old toys and games I used to play with or random stuff that was in my grandpa's garage. My daughter found a newspaper from the day Nixon resigned, I found some 80's glam sweatshirts with puffy paint and matching earrings, my grandma found some coins from Italy, my mom found some really old records, and my sister found my grandfather's old wallet, complete with his Frontier Airlines ID card.

We had no school Monday! Wooohoooo! It was just in time, too because I was about to go loco! I decided to sit down with my sister/team teaching partner to write report cards in the morning and then invited my other sister and my sweet grandma over to make homemade ravioli. She supervised our rookie efforts and didn't laugh too much at the mess we made (mostly because it was my kitchen).

The best part of the day: my hubby got a new job!!!! So excited and relieved that we won't have to move!
 Tuesday was a professional development day and because I went to the DI conference this summer, I gave a short presentation to the staff. One of the sweet parents that is highly involved in the school got all of the 2nd grade teachers a gift card to our local favorite pizza place for lunch. It is so awesome to have such supportive parents and PTO.

 We are starting to learn about coins this week, so (of course) we used Angie Olsen's Money Interactive Notebook. It just hit me that my kids have become so good at cutting, folding, and pasting due to all the IN pages we've made this year, that I barely have to give directions. That's what's great about this time of the year. All the hard work of enforcing systems at the beginning of the year has FINALLY paid off.

I had a pretty good response to my $1 deals in the past so I think I'm going to try to do one each week. Up this week is a companion to the Spring 2 Digit Addition & Subtraction task cards that I featured last week. A few people asked for a 3 digit version, so here it is:

You can pick up both for $3 and provide some great differentiation for your students. You can also mix and match them to meet your needs (just addition or just subtraction). 

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  1. So sweet what you found cleaning your grandma's house! Sounds like it was a time capsule to your childhood!

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